The Second Coming

Just stumbled upon this interview with Chuck Statler, who was slated to direct Prince’s first feature film in 1982. The Second Coming began as a concert film, but Prince had ideas to insert some dramatic scenes and turn it into a full-length feature. After recording a Bloomington concert and a few offstage scenes in March of 1982, Prince lost interest in the project and it was abandoned.

The few narrative screenshots that Statler provided feature women in lingerie and Prince blowing bubbles with bloodshot eyes.


It’s hard to imagine that we were deprived of a cinematic masterpiece here. After dropping this project, Prince focused on recording the 1999 album, and laying the groundwork for the Purple Rain phenomenon, so you can’t really question his choice.

Still, I’d really like to see that concert footage someday. Until then, here’s Prince at the peak of his “hide your daughters” audacity, filmed about six weeks before the concert for The Second Coming was filmed.


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